The last sons

The last moon’s sons

During the 70’s the Lençois island became a legend. The isolated village located at the equatorial Brazilian state of Maranhão was pointed as having the highest albinism percentage worldwide. Among 400 inhabitants, at that time, 18 suffered from a unique kind of the anomaly, 6000 times bigger than the global rate of 0,0005% .
Passed 40 years, almost everything is the same at this remote island – which is necessary 2 days crossing different landscapes and open sea – to get into. However the individuals number with albinism has rapidly decreased. Despite 11 people born with the decease, only 5 remain in the island.
I spent almost 10 days living with the “Moon’s sons”, as they’re also called, to register this unique community and understand how life is and search for the answers for this big decrease.

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National Geographic Magazine