Before puting his both feet in documentary photography on 2015, Gui Christ, worked for 8 years as designer and advertisement photographer. During that time, won several international awards working on global ranged productions.

In association with the photographer Gabi Di Bella founded Gringo Collective and since that has been working on humanitarian documentary projects and commercial assignments for international media groups as National Geographic, Al Jazeera, Vice and BBC.

Exhibitions and reviews

2017 – Lisbon’s photobook Fair, Lisbon
2017 – SP-Arte / Photo, São Paulo
2017 – FIF, International photorgaphy festival, Belo Horizonte
2017 – ENCMYK, CDF, Montivideu
2017 – FestFoto POA, Porto Alegre
2017 – 10F / 10M, São Paulo
2017 – PhotoEspaña Transatlantica, São Paulo
2017 – Diário Contemporâneo do Pará, Belém
2017 – Foto em Pauta, Tiradentes

Awards and nominations

2017 – Premio de Fotolibro Latinoamericano, Museo Cuatro Caminos
2017 – Prêmio Nacional Pierre Verger, FUNCEB
2017 – Diário Contemporâneo do Pará, Diário do Pará
2017 – FotoDoc Award, Galeria DOC


2017 – Marrocos


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